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Mustard Theatre Productions is a new group based in Devon, and is an offshoot to the original 'Mustard Theatre Company' we founded in Suffolk in 2004. The original group was founded to present a wide variety of good quality drama to audiences that may not have access to any other local theatre, and Mustard Theatre Productions is aiming to continue this tradition. (The Suffolk based group can be found here.)

We are a touring group and we will be aiming to perform in multiple venues per production, one performance per venue. For all our performances we get into a venue, perform, and get out, all in the same day.

The get-ins and get-outs for the sort of productions we do are an all-hands-on-deck affair, with everybody involved. We work with actors who are also able and willing to do other jobs as well, such as back-stage, technical desk , lighting & sound, set construction or directing, and who are keen to improve our collective craft.

Mustard Theatre Productions operates as a production company, with actors being invited to be involved on a per-production basis.



Mustard Theatre Productions is a member of NODA.